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In the 21st century, you no longer have to attend classes at a brick and mortar location to gain the education that you need. In the age of the Internet, one of the best and most convenient ways to learn is online, and there is no stigma attached to it. There are many online learning websites where you can find a wide variety of courses, in all areas, whether you want to learn something new or strengthen a skill you already have. For example, if you’re going to learn a software development program, an online course is a great way to do it. If you wanted to boost your cooking skills, you could get training online. The top three online learning websites are,, and Let’s take a look at each of them.

1. is an online learning website associated with LinkedIn that you can access on your computer, tablet or mobile device and has been in existence for over two years. To participate in the courses, offers a free month trial to test out what is being offered, and the site has subscriptions that are tailored to individuals, corporate, government and academic. The website provides courses in software development, web development, design, business, marketing and photography taught by industry experts, and the tutorials are presented in five languages to meet a global need.

The site trains over four million people across the globe and new courses are added over the course of the months. The wide variety of courses offered at the include Visual Basic Essential Training, Learning Java 8, Critical Thinking, Time Management Fundamentals, InDesign Secrets, Universal Principles of Design, Learning CSS, WordPress Essential Training, Introduction to Photography, Photoshop CS6 Essential Training, SEO Foundations, Google Adwords Essential Training, and much more.

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2. is an online learning website that has produced over 4,000,000 graduates. They offer the public over 50 courses, with more courses always on the way. To start a 30-Day access, for less than the premium price, you receive interaction lessons and recordings, one class free, access for 30 days and weekly assignments. You can cancel the 30-day access at any time. Courses at are taught by leading experts in the industries offered with interactive webinars and engaging content.

Courses offered at are in photography, technology, health and wellness, finance, marketing, design, beauty, music, business, and language. The wide variety of courses at the online school include Photoshop, Cryptocurrency, Principles of Nutrition, Household Budgeting, Social Media Marketing, Web Design, Personal Beauty, Guitar Basics, Leadership and Management, English for Beginners, and much more. Upon completion of course material, a student can gain an Accredited Diploma that can be added to a resume, submitted to an additional school or just for the sense of pride in completing a program. offers a pathway to acquiring a diploma. For example, if a student wanted a degree as a graphic design professional, the path is Diploma in Graphic Design, Advanced Diploma in Graphic Design, Diploma in Photoshop, and Advanced Diploma in Photoshop.


3. is an online coding school for anyone who wants to learn a new skill in technology to build websites or create apps for iPhone, Android or the web. It offers a seven-day free trial to experience the site. The site provides over 300 courses, 278 workshops, 23 topics and it has over 50,000 current students. Its many students are taught by industry experts through on-demand videos, video tutorials, quizzes and interactive code challenges whenever a student wishes to access them. The program length for the site varies. For example, to get trained on Front-End Web Development, expect 150 to 190 hours of course material. At present, a student can submit a project every seven days for review.

The Techdegree, developed by industry professionals and offered by, is an opportunity not only to challenge yourself but prepare yourself for the 21st-century tech world. The fastest any student can obtain a Techdegree is in three months. But the time frame is anywhere from three months to 12 months. The training offered includes Front End Web Development, Full Stack JavaScript, Python Web Development, and iOS Development with Swift.

Going online for coursework is the modern-day way to earn an education. Not only do you save time, but online courses are typically cheaper than courses you would take at a brick and mortar location. Whether you want to take a class for fun, strengthen a skill that you already have, or get a degree to prepare yourself to work in that field, top online courses are accredited and hold as much weight as courses that are not online. All three of these sites,, and offer discounted ways to join and to decide if what is being offered is right for you.


If you are looking for a good finance course, the Johannesburg School of Finance is the perfect company to teach you more about managing money wisely. They offer short courses in business and financial management, as well as investment training.

A finance course is also a great way to development your entrepreneurial skills. Whether you are looking to improve your financial skills in general, or specifically for use in a business setting, the Johannesburg School of Finance has a finance course that will cater to your needs.

And if you can’t find exactly what you are looking for, they also offer a unique service of creating a tailor-made finance course to address your specific needs. Another great offering to make use of, is their private coaching sessions. You can receive discrete personalised advice about ways to improve your financial management skills.

The Johannesburg School of Finance is accredited with the SETA Finance, Accounting, Management Consulting division as well as with FASSET (Finance and Accounting Services Sector Education and Training).

With a Johannesburg School of Finance course, you will have access to lecturers with a vast amount of practical knowledge, giving you the inside scoop on better financial management. The school’s teaching philosophy focuses on skills development through a hands-on approach. Taking a finance course can seem like a very daunting undertaking, but the competent lecturers will quickly set you at ease.

Pick Your Finance Course

Whether you just want to learn more about the basics of effective financial management, or you need advanced training – the Johannesburg School of Finance can assist you. The following are a few of the finance courses they offer.

Certificate Programme in Practical Finance (CPPF)

This one is perfect for enhancing your practical financial skills. The course will increase your knowledge, while providing you with the skills to feel more confident when dealing with finances in a private or professional capacity. Course topics include finance for non-financial managers; budgeting and cost control; financial reports analysis; and corporate finance investment decisions.

Analysis of Financial Reports

This is a stand-alone finance course that is a qualifying module for the CPPF (Certificate Programme in Practical Finance). The course will equip you to interpret the financial health and potential of a business.

Budgeting and Cost Control

This is also a stand-alone finance course that is a qualifying module for the CPPF (Certificate Programme in Practical Finance). The course expands on core financial business principles, turning them into functional tools. Learn how to balance calculation and measurement facts against other significant financial factors. The course teaches you more about the link between calculated financial planning and successful implementation. You will learn about a variety of budgeting approaches. By the end of the course you will be able to create and monitor financial plans, applying financial principles and techniques.

Business Simulation

Have you always been curious about running your own business, in a competitive environment? Banango Traders, in association with the Johannesburg School of Finance, offers you the chance to find out if you have what it takes to create a successful business. Take the theory and put it into practice with exercises and case studies. This way you can see how financial principles are applied in the real world, while learning to manage your own business.

Corporate Finance and Capital Investment Decisions

This finance course focuses on tackling strategic issues around the financing, evaluation and selection of long-term investment opportunities. Learn more about project evaluation techniques, the construction and assessment of capital budgeting models, as well as financing decisions for growth and acquisitions.

Finance for Non-financial Managers

The course consists of two modules. Firstly, you will be introduced to the financial management world. Learn more about the structure and terminology of business finance and reporting. In the second module you will look at challenges surrounding the understanding and management of financial drivers for business success. Develop the essential knowledge and skills to take important financial decisions with confidence.

Financial Modelling

Another finance course with two modules to participate in. The first will empower you to use Excel more effectively to analyse and manage business information accurately. The second module further explores the principles of designing a financial model, catering to the specific needs of a business. Working in Excel can seem challenging, but after completion of this course, you will know how to keep things simple and accessible for everyone using the model.

Equity Analysis and Valuation

These might seem like strange, big financial words. But after completing this finance course, you will know everything about applying various valuation techniques, to a variety of investment opportunities. Learn more about essential valuation tools and concepts; DCF analysis; equity valuation techniques; fair value, intrinsic value and market value; forecasting for value; as well as building forecast models.

Retirement Fund Trustee Training

Want to become an effective trustee and manage your fund with confidence to produce the best outcomes for your fund and its members? Then this course is perfect for you! Topics covered include the role of a trustee; types of funds; defined benefit and defined contribution funds; pension and provident funds; fund laws and documents; duties of trustees; and allocation of death benefits. Other relevant topics discussed include an introduction to investments; measuring investment returns and risks; investment objectives; performance benchmarks; and asset allocation.

Book A Johannesburg School of Finance Course Now

You can book a course via the website, with an easy to use online booking system. Pick the finance course you are interested in and fill in the registration form to secure your seat. The school also offers a handy online payment option. Once you have received your reference, you can complete the payment process.


While a lot of people use Excel, many people don’t have an in-depth understanding of what this software is capable of. In fact, there are a number of people that only know how to complete a handful of basic tasks in Excel.

If you’re one of these people, you owe it to yourself to watch the top 3 basic Excel skills tutorials online. Read on to learn more about what these tutorials can teach you.

They Can Teach You All Of The Basics

Once you’ve watched the right tutorials, you’ll be able to do virtually anything you need to do in Excel. The top tutorials out there cover a lot of ground; when combined, they’ll provide you with a complete picture of Excel and its basics.

You won’t want to be stuck in a situation where you can’t complete a basic task in Excel. If you’re someone that has to use Excel from time to time, you’ll want to make sure you know how to handle a wide range of tasks. You should be very familiar with the program that you use. Watching tutorials will allow you to develop the kind of familiarity that you need.

With Tutorials, You’ll Be Able To Complete More Complex Tasks

If you want to get more out of the time you spend with Excel, you’ll definitely want to watch the right tutorials. While these tutorials are primarily focused on the basics, they will teach you to carry out more complex tasks in Excel as well.

If you don’t watch these tutorials, you may never use some of Excel’s most helpful features. However, if you do take the time to use tutorials, you’ll be able to learn a great deal about Excel. You’ll be able to experiment with the program so that you can accomplish more when you use it. You’ll be able to go beyond the basics and tackle new types of tasks!

Watching Tutorials Could Help You To Land A Better Job

What do you do for a living? In many industries, having Excel skills can make you a more marketable employee. You should try to hone your Excel skills if you think you’re going to be job hunting in the near future.

When you interview for your new position, you’ll be able to talk about some of the things you are able to do in Excel. The people that are interviewing you will be impressed with your knowledge. If the competition for a position is intense, your knowledge of Excel could help you to get ahead. Employers really value this kind of knowledge.

These Tutorials Are Easy To Learn From

Some Excel tutorials are complex and difficult to watch. If you’ve been frustrated by some of the tutorials that you’ve tried in the past, you should try watching the top tutorials out there. These tutorials are popular for a reason!

These tutorials aren’t a long and difficult watch. It will be easy for you to get through the tutorials. If you are willing to sit down and watch them, you can rest assured that you’ll be able to learn from them.

Most Of The Top Tutorials Are Free To Watch

While most people can benefit from an Excel class, you don’t have to spend any money if you want to learn more about Excel. A lot of the best tutorials out there can be watched for free. Even though some tutorials require you to pay a fee or sign up for a subscription service, there are plenty of no-cost options out there.

You should be able to watch the most popular tutorials out there without having to spend a cent. You have nothing to lose by watching these tutorials, and you have a lot that you can gain. Check out a few tutorials when you have some free time. You’ll be glad that you took the time to learn from these videos!

Whether you use Excel on a frequent or infrequent basis, you should try to learn more about what you can do with this software. Excel has been used in offices around the world for a very long time. Watch the top 3 basic Excel skills tutorials so that you can start doing more with this program.

Check out Yoda Excel Youtube Channel For great Excel content.

Wordpress Logo Tutorial Websites

WordPress is a website that allows creatives the platform to share their work, be it articles, blogs, photography amongst others. The website has gained a lot of popularity as more and more people are starting up their own, the fact that it does not require a professional to set up the website is an added bonus. Due to this, it is important to make one’s WordPress website as unique as possible, as this creates more traffic to the website, which means that’ll their material is being viewed right left and center. This is where the tutorials come in handy as they are are guides, step by step on how to achieve the website that one desires.



TutPlus offer great WordPress tutorials making sure to go in detail with all their explanations. They tend to divide their work into subtopics so as explain each and everything and they never assume that majority of people may have the knowledge about something hence choice to ignore, the tackle everything. Sometimes they even end up splitting a particular article as it is too long, but one thing is for sure there website is always jam packed with information that properly guides.

In the WordPress, the options and alternatives are too many, and are always being added, for example the themes. Themes here refer to the outlook and background of one’s website. This includes the theme color or shades of color, the arrangement of it including where photos will appear. When a stranger opens your website, you want them to see your personality or the message that you are trying to pass from that first look, it should be inviting, hence the importance of picking the right theme and updating it to suite your needs.

This website is great at giving tutorials when it comes to theme application and how to make a particular theme work for an individual best. They give guidelines that are easy to follow, this encourages users on the website in trying out new themes and most of all letting their creative side come out through their WordPress website.


WP Beginner

Problems are part of the journey, we live and we learn, just as it is in life several problems are also experienced in the WordPress world. It’s virtually impossible to start the website today, and not experience any problems or have genuine questions on how to go about things, this websites offers tutorials tackling, solving and answering any questions that newbie users of the website especially may have.

Wp Beginner’s tutorials are usually most answering the how to questions on people’s websites. Such questions include how to disable the admin bar, how to configure a particular plugin or how to make my website more secure. To which they make sure to go into details, and give a variety of ways on how to solve this kinds of issues, or any close or related to one’s question. This is therefore very important tutorial as it provides the necessary solutions.

pippins-plugins logo

Pippins Plugins

As the name would suggest, this website was launched by Pippin Williamson, and his tutorials focus on plugins. Having made his own plugins is another great reason to follow his tutorials as he is giving expert type of advise and he is speaking from the experience of having used the particular plugins, his personals preferences and what he also hopes to try out.

His tutorials are subdivided according to the level of an individual, hence catering for all without having to submit other to learn what they are already well aware of, also this encourages beginners to grow and get better. They include: beginners, intermediate and advanced level. Each of his tutorials contains a details breakdown of how this plugins work, and how to incorporate and integrate the code to one’s website. To add on they are categorized is a perfectly sensible way. Hence through this user’s are able to reap the benefits from these properly explained tutorials, and the fact that the founded blogs regularly is an added on advantage as he is in a better position to try out and notice, and eventually talk and refers others on what they should use and try and what they should stay away from. He properly notes down the advantages and disadvantages of new plugins.

Youtube Photoshop Channels Tutorials

YouTube is one of the key tutorial platforms, below are the top 4 Youtube tutorials for Photoshop.

1. Phlearn

The community that makes learning fun’, this is the main goal at Phlearn. Founded by Aaron Nace with a great team behind him was a YouTube channel that would offer an educational platform for those who wanted to learn the art of photography and Photoshop. They had the advantage and f having a studio, hereby showcasing high quality work, which is accompanied by elaborate explanations, that enable people at home to learn and understand. Learning was the main goal behind this, but the team behind Phlearn wanted to create a fun environment for creatives all over the world. An environment where they can could watch and learn from them but also feel encouraged to add their own spin to things and have the end product be as unique as possible. Through this the team let their personalities shine through, and had as much fun as possible while still working. Through the tutorials creatives were able to learn first right from their own homes, and essentially a platform was created in the comment sections for interactions, comparisons, criticisms that would enable these creatives challenge themselves and get better. It all started with a single tutorial.

2. Howard Pinsky

He is an Adobe Community professional, who is an online educator providing content for Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom, which is his main focus. He makes at the IceFlowStudios, and is in a position to put out high quality work in order for his viewers to learn from him. This is why he started his YouTube channel, as one of the originators, in order to provide proper tutorials. His tutorials pay attention to detail, as he moves step by step so as to ensure that he leaves no one behind as he is explaining his work. Howard passion to share what he knows and stay relevant, is the reason why many are glued to his channel. Despite being among the first sharing his knowledge, he is also always open encouraging his fellow creatives to share their different ideas with him, and he too learns from his own channels. Through this he continues to give more and more unique content and different methods on how to do one particular thing.

3. TutVid

Founded by Nathaniel Dodson, TutVid is a YouTube channel that like the above provide tutorial on Photoshop and web design. The great thing about his tutorials is that they are precise and straight to the point, while properly explaining how to use the various Photoshop tools. Nathaniel talks to his online audience like he would a friend and hence one is caught up and left wanting to watch and more, as the more one watches the more they get to learn. To add on he has been extremely consistent since his start up years back, even with more and more creatives joining the platform he still manages to have a lot of content to show and teach his audience. Also he has a passion for photography and is always looking and taking pictures, which he uses and adds on effects of Photoshop hereby giving his work a personal effect, and has an individual spin to it. Reason why his youtube tutorials are watched all over the world.

4. BlueLightingTV

Best for a beginner as it offers careful and slowly explained tutorials. Founded by Marty Geller, with his background in TV production, providing on air and print work, founded this YouTube channel that would offer tutorials to the public with his main goal encouraging all to learn, improve and have fun with Photoshop. With his professional background he was in perfect position to pass down his knowledge. His background or properly explained tutorials enabled him to be one of the most watched Photoshop Tutorials. Marty key lesson to his audience is usually using Photoshop effects to capture them from the initial beginning of the video. As the channel name would suggest, he loves playing with lights and the effects that lights have, especially having a background in TV production, thereby gives detailed explanations on how to use light in order to bring out the best effects, and most importantly utilize shades that play well against each other. This factor is whatever makes his particular channel and tutorials unique and the reason why viewers keep coming back for more.

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