Youtube Photoshop Channels Tutorials

YouTube is one of the key tutorial platforms, below are the top 4 Youtube tutorials for Photoshop.

1. Phlearn

The community that makes learning fun’, this is the main goal at Phlearn. Founded by Aaron Nace with a great team behind him was a YouTube channel that would offer an educational platform for those who wanted to learn the art of photography and Photoshop. They had the advantage and f having a studio, hereby showcasing high quality work, which is accompanied by elaborate explanations, that enable people at home to learn and understand. Learning was the main goal behind this, but the team behind Phlearn wanted to create a fun environment for creatives all over the world. An environment where they can could watch and learn from them but also feel encouraged to add their own spin to things and have the end product be as unique as possible. Through this the team let their personalities shine through, and had as much fun as possible while still working. Through the tutorials creatives were able to learn first right from their own homes, and essentially a platform was created in the comment sections for interactions, comparisons, criticisms that would enable these creatives challenge themselves and get better. It all started with a single tutorial.

2. Howard Pinsky

He is an Adobe Community professional, who is an online educator providing content for Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom, which is his main focus. He makes at the IceFlowStudios, and is in a position to put out high quality work in order for his viewers to learn from him. This is why he started his YouTube channel, as one of the originators, in order to provide proper tutorials. His tutorials pay attention to detail, as he moves step by step so as to ensure that he leaves no one behind as he is explaining his work. Howard passion to share what he knows and stay relevant, is the reason why many are glued to his channel. Despite being among the first sharing his knowledge, he is also always open encouraging his fellow creatives to share their different ideas with him, and he too learns from his own channels. Through this he continues to give more and more unique content and different methods on how to do one particular thing.

3. TutVid

Founded by Nathaniel Dodson, TutVid is a YouTube channel that like the above provide tutorial on Photoshop and web design. The great thing about his tutorials is that they are precise and straight to the point, while properly explaining how to use the various Photoshop tools. Nathaniel talks to his online audience like he would a friend and hence one is caught up and left wanting to watch and more, as the more one watches the more they get to learn. To add on he has been extremely consistent since his start up years back, even with more and more creatives joining the platform he still manages to have a lot of content to show and teach his audience. Also he has a passion for photography and is always looking and taking pictures, which he uses and adds on effects of Photoshop hereby giving his work a personal effect, and has an individual spin to it. Reason why his youtube tutorials are watched all over the world.

4. BlueLightingTV

Best for a beginner as it offers careful and slowly explained tutorials. Founded by Marty Geller, with his background in TV production, providing on air and print work, founded this YouTube channel that would offer tutorials to the public with his main goal encouraging all to learn, improve and have fun with Photoshop. With his professional background he was in perfect position to pass down his knowledge. His background or properly explained tutorials enabled him to be one of the most watched Photoshop Tutorials. Marty key lesson to his audience is usually using Photoshop effects to capture them from the initial beginning of the video. As the channel name would suggest, he loves playing with lights and the effects that lights have, especially having a background in TV production, thereby gives detailed explanations on how to use light in order to bring out the best effects, and most importantly utilize shades that play well against each other. This factor is whatever makes his particular channel and tutorials unique and the reason why viewers keep coming back for more.